What is This?

This is a blog built mainly to help fight off procrastination and get some good drawing/painting/digital/etc practice in for artists and students alike.

It's all based off the premise of being able to see where different people and styles take various topics, and seeing where and how these new ideas and directions can influence yourself. All the while, helping each other out with feedback and critical discussion.

How it works:

  1. Every now and then a phrase from this website is picked as the topic.
  2. This is added to the current list of topics and is available for anyone to submit under.
  3. Any work submitted under one of the topics is posted on the site, labeled with the artist and the topic.
  4. Get nosey, look at each others different take on the same topic, and leave some feedback if you like!
  5. Repeat!

This is all still in the very early stages incase you hadn't noticed, so things are open to a bit of shifting about.

It'd be nice to incorporate some yearly prizes and suchlike incentives, but it all depends if this thing gets off the ground!